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More and more dentists are using lasers in their practice to complete numerous dental procedures and treatments. Here are a few of the procedures lasers perform and the benefits of laser dentistry.

Dental Procedures Using Lasers

What can lasers do in dentistry? A lot of things, from cosmetic procedures to periodontal treatments.

  • Cavity removal and preparation
  • Relieves canker and cold sore pain.
  • Oral surgery
  • Hardens dental fillings
  • Reduces the amount of bacteria growing around teeth
  • Removes oral tissue
  • Teeth whitening
  • Seal tubes in the tooth root that cause sensitivity
  • Crown lengthening

Benefits Of Laser Dentistry

Though lasers are still fairly new in the dental industry, you can see several benefits to using lasers for dental procedures.

  • You may not need as much anesthetic because the use of laser’s can make some treatments painless
  • Reduces bleeding and swelling because the smaller blood vessels will clot immediately
  • Reduces damage to tissues
  • Surgical wounds heal more quickly
  • Reduces the risk of bacterial infection to incision areas because lasers sterilize bacteria
  • Lasers have more precision in oral surgeries
  • Lasers are a good option for those who dislike drills